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OneLogin technical product support includes these services:

  • Guaranteed paid support response times
  • Installation and integration help
  • Access to product updates
  • Online issue tracking

Technical Support Policy

OneLogin provides support from 8:30am PST to 5:30pm PST, Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Support beyond these hours may be scheduled if required by a customer on a maintenance service plan.

Guaranteed response time for paid support customers is 24 business hours from the time of receipt. Standard response time for customers without currently valid support contracts is not guaranteed. If you require faster response times, you should purchase a support contract or pay per incident.

NOTE: Response times are for initial responses — not the time it may take to resolve the problem.

Free Support Options

  • Documentation
  • Pre-sales technical questions

Paid Coverage

  • All free support coverage options
  • Remote assistance setting up Cams with a particular network topology
  • Fixing incorrect settings in a Cams server or Cams agent setup
  • Installation support, which includes everything needed to get Cams running on the machine except the operating system installation and configuration

Support Process

All Cams support issues are initiated by submitting a support request to OneLogin. Please indicate the severity grade:

  • Fatal - The problem prohibits use of the software
  • Bug - The problem prohibits the normal software use, but the customer can work around it
  • Enhancement - The problem is a request to make the software do something it does not currently do

An incident number is created upon submission and the case remains open until explicitly closed. Support will be provided until it is determined that:

  • The problem has been resolved that allows normal use of the product
  • The installation environment is not supported
  • The software being installed is modified or corrupt
  • The issue is a nonfatal bug, the incident then becomes a bug report issue
  • The user is attempting to do something that the software was not designed to do, the incident then become an enhancement request

A OneLogin support representative reviews the problem severity and determines the appropriate course of action for resolution. This may include an update to the software, reinstallation, or referral to a FAQ or documentation. If needed, the CSR will contact the customer by phone or email to gather more information or assist with the resolution.

A support incident first involves determination of the actual problem. The act of determining this is part of the paid support incident and may end in referring the customer to a 3rd party provider. If the problem is with a 3rd party component (database, web server, application server, operating system, customizations, etc.) the support representative will refer the client to the appropriate party for further resolution.

Third-Party Products

OneLogin provides technical support for it's own products, not for 3rd party components or applications that may be required to run with Cams. OneLogin may optionally provide guidance from experience but support for those products should be obtained from their respective vendors. This includes JDBC drivers, databases, web servers, application servers, operating systems and hardware.

Product Updates

All registered users are informed of products updates through the Cams news list. Once a product update is made available, users with current support contracts have immediate access to download the software by logging into their OneLogin WAM account.

Professional Services

OneLogin WAM professional services are available to help customers with on-site integration and product customizations. Cams is a flexible technology, and no one can help you understand better how to make it work for you than the OneLogin engineers who designed and wrote it.

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